Never Wave Goodbye Had Her At Hello!

Never Wave Goodbye by Doug MageeVicki at the the blog Reading at the Beach recently reviewed Doug Magee’s NEVER WAVE GOODBYE. As her praise was so effusive, we’ve decided to post the review in its entirety:

Forget about being hooked from the first page, this book had me at the blurb. It was like seeing a car accident on the side of the road and not being able to not look. I had to read it. The story is about one of the most terrifying things a parent could go through, having your child kidnapped. But this is different in that there is a group of kids (4) kidnapped, right in front of their parents. Parents who handed the children over to the kidnappers, thinking they were from the camp their kids were supposed to be going to.

The book gets better and better until your knuckles are white and you’re holding your breath and wondering how this nightmare will end. This could happen anywhere to anyone and that makes the book all the more frightening.

Although there are a few things that don’t jive, this is not only one of the best books I’ve read this year, but that I’ve ever read. I still can’t believe this is the first book the author has written. I sure hope it isn’t his last!!

Don’t worry, Vicki, Doug’s next book is coming out next year!


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