New York, New York!

New York Magazine named Mark Caldwell’s NEW YORK NIGHT the best New York book of 2005, saying:

Other books gave us incisive looks at New York this year, like Kate Ascher’s The Works: Anatomy of a City, a wonk’s ultimate reference guide to our municipal infrastructure. But Caldwell’s study of New York after dark — from New Amsterdam pub brawls to Studio 54 — taps directly into the city’s collective unconscious. Nighttime, after all, is when the Stonewall was raided, when a 1776 fire engulfed the city, and when Hannah Man-o-War NanceĀ Bradshaw suffered a famous case of spontaneous human combustion. It takes a deft storyteller to pull together such disparate fragments in a grand historical context, and Caldwell manages it well.

We at ARLA think it would make a perfect Christmas present for your favorite New Yorker!


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