Quelle Surprise! More praise for THE BOOK OF KEHLS

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune joins the chorus of praise for Christine O’Hagan’s THE BOOK OF KEHLS. Colleen Kruse writes,

It’s a daring story to tell. Not only does O’Hagan admit to all of the messy, imperfect love that lives in a mother’s elastic heart, she admits to totally falling apart in the days after her son’s illness is diagnosed. As a good girl from working-class Irish stock, she knows that it is “no small thing to come home to a hot meal.” And yet, when her husband, every bit as distressed as she is, comes home from a hard day’s work to find moldy laundry and the house in disarray, there is no glossing over the argument. O’Hagan’s mother, no doubt remembering her own episodes of minor hysteria as the young mother of a son with DMD, cuts through her daughter’s fog of despair and exhaustion. “Get up out of that … bed! Enough is enough. … You’re falling down on the job.” The kids needed a mother, Patrick needed a wife and she didn’t raise a quitter. Realizing that her mother was right, O’Hagan returned to her daily battles with a tougher hide.

Read the whole review here.


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