Last week, we reported three sales to Publishers Marketplace:

A “thinking man’s thriller” based on probability theory and quantum physics, Adam Fawer’s IMPROBABLE is about a brilliant mathematician suffering from epileptic seizures who gains the ability to “see” into the future by gauging the consequences of his actions and the probability of various outcomes. Mauro diPreta at William Morrow, who bought the book, calls the book “‘A Beautiful Mind’ meets Michael Crichton.”

Christine Kehl O’Hagan’s memoir THE BOOK OF KEHLS, which carries us through four generations of muscular dystrophy, was sold to Dori Weintraub at St. Martin’s.

Stephen Moore at the Paul Kohner Agency sold, on our behalf, the film rights to Brad Smith’s ALL HAT to Jennifer Jonas at New Real Films.

Congratulations Adam, Christine, and Brad!


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