Stone Cold Box

Stone_cold_box“With each book, Box just gets better. Nonstop action, a twisty plot, and great characters make his latest a must-read for fans of this series,”¬†says Library Journal of STONE COLD, C.J. Box’s forthcoming Joe Pickett novel.

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Publishers Weekly calls the book “exhilarating” and says, “Unlike your standard-issue action hero, the canny Joe uses his wits, taking time to assess the literal and figurative lay of the land. Box does a good job of working in the backstories of characters and situations, so even new readers should have no problem following along.”

“This marks a welcome return to the thing Box does best: putting family man Joe in a dicey situation where, despite his orders to merely observe, his own moral code means he can’t help but light the fuse and see where it leads,” says Booklist.¬†

STONE COLD hits the shelves next month!


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