The Book So Good It Almost Made The Daily Mail Cry

Paul Doiron Poacher's Son UKThe Daily Mail recently called THE POACHER’S SON, published in the UK this month by Constable & Robinson, a “stunning debut” with “breathtaking story-telling” that left the reviewer “close to tears.” Read the full rave after the jump!

The Daily Mail writes:

A stunning debut from a journalist and native of Maine on America’s east coast, this story of a game warden seeking to clear his father of a double murder charge – including that of a local cop — reeks of the state’s woods, lakes and rivers.

Superb vistas are woven into Doiron’s description of Warden Mike Bowditch’s hunt for his fugitive father. No matter how much of a womaniser and heavy-drinker the old man may have been — he left the boy alone with his mother when Mike was still a child — Bowditch cannot shake the conviction that his father is innocent.

What follows is a chase across the wilderness, but there is far more to it than that. At its heart this is a tale of bitter betrayal, lost hopes and broken dreams. This is breathtaking story-telling — rightly described in America as ‘high octane narrative’.

The book has a tautness that is impossible to forget and which left me close to tears. It is also the first in a series. Its successor, Trespasser, also featuring Bowditch is on the way. Grab him now.

UK crime fiction fans, you heard ’em, go get your copy today!


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