The Boston Globe On The Cure For Grief

It may have taken the Boston Globe a while to get to Nellie Hermann’s THE CURE FOR GRIEF, but we’re glad that they liked what they read:

As deeply as one feels for this family that has been virtually halved by fate, the reader, and especially the reviewer, sometimes feel ambushed by so much tragedy. Yet this is the way it was. And here is a quintessentially Jewish 20th-century story. What Hermann makes vividly clear is that surviving the Holocaust doesn’t ensure an unblemished future. For some families, there is no end to the price that must be paid, and the pain of that simply becomes what “life” means. By the time I finished this moving book, I realized that Hermann had no choice. And now that she has written this brave first novel, let us hope she will let her imagination soar and take her to places where her obvious gifts can develop even more.

Read the full review here.


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