“THE COVER WIFE Lands Like a Punch in the Heart”

That’s the New York Times’ take on Dan Fesperman’s latest, which is out today – read on for more!

The Times continues: “In ‘The Cover Wife,’ Dan Fesperman charts a different, braver course, working his fiction seamlessly into the facts, writing his characters into the past and weaving his story into the warp of history’s nightmares. The result is a sharp, smart novel that hits fast and hard, its reverberations echoing after the last page is turned.”

Meanwhile, Kirkus calls THE COVER WIFE “a breezy, thoughtful thriller that avoids high drama in favor of quick and ultimately unsettling shots to the system…An absorbing tale of terrorism with a tantalizing what if at its core,” and Booklist praises its “excruciating dramatic irony,” proclaiming that Fesperman “show[s] once more, as le Carré did, that spies are often their own worst enemies.”

Dan Fesperman’s published in Bookpage today, talking about how Claire defies the Super Spy archetype; tonight, he’ll be in conversation with Scott Shane at The Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore.


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