The Given Day Makes A Splash Across The Pond

The Given Day is released this week in the UK, and the first reviews are universally positive! A sampling is below.

The Daily Mail says, “The acclaimed author of Mystic Riverhas produced a contender for the Big American Novel… not only a powerful, beautifully written novel, but the best kind of history lesson.”
“This is a sprawling, enthralling novel… every sentence is a treat, every image vivid,” says The Sunday Telegraph, extolling the novel’s “extraordinary freshness and vitality.”
The Daily Express states, “Although Lehane is keen to offer a complete historical portrait of Boston after the First World War, he does not stint on characters and plot either. It is an accomplished balancing act.”
The Given Day is a “massive, enormously readable new novel,” according to The Scotsman.

Full reviews (and many more) here!
Lastly, there is a fascinating, in-depth piece on the author and his career is this week’s Guardian.

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