The L.A. Times Enjoys Its Trip To Shutter Island

The L.A. Times raved about the new graphic novel edition of SHUTTER ISLAND, declaring:

The graphic version of “Shutter Island” is religiously (and gruesomely) faithful to Lehane’s novel and with good reason — it would be hard to tamper with the circuitry of such a meticulously crafted mystery. The visual demands and page-count realities of the visual medium required tough choices, but de Metter has handled them deftly.

The plot of the original book was purposely confounding in certain dark corners and here those shadowy places are ambiguous in a different but still satisfying way. The climactic sequences of Lehane’s book possessed a powerful click as they fell into place and, under de Metter’s watch, the dread and revelation remain intact.

Read the full review here.

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