The Poacher’s Son Is “One Of The Year’s Boldest Debuts”

The Poacher's Son by Paul DoironWe’re excited to tell you that Kirkus Reviews featured Paul Doiron’s THE POACHER’S SON in their Spring & Summer Preview, which highlights the best and brightest books of the season! From the issue:

One of the year’s boldest debuts comes from the woodsy wilderness of Maine, where Paul Doiron augments his day job as the editor-in-chief of Down East magazine with a new crime series. The book stars game warden Mike Bowditch, who must confront his toxic upbringing when his father is accused of murdering a local cop. For the author, it meant getting up close and personal with his hero’s unusual profession. “In Maine, game wardens essentially function as full-fledged police officers, enforcing the laws of the state wherever there isn’t a road, which is pretty much everywhere,” says Doiron. “They arrest snowmobilers for drunk driving, retrieve drowned swimmers from the bottom of lakes and rescue Alzheimer patients lost in the woods. They have extremely difficult and misunderstood jobs, for which they are paid next to nothing. I have nothing but respect for the courage and conviction it takes to do what they do.” Doiron’s fierce combination of wilderness know-how and old-school journalism has already earned him a three-book contract. “My goal is to follow Mike as he matures and becomes the man he was meant to be,” he says. “I hope readers will want to come along for the journey.”

We’re sure they will, Paul, because it’s going to be one exciting ride!


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