The Red Chameleon And The Gray Lady

Red-Chameleon_WrightMarilyn Stasio takes at look at Erica Wright’s THE RED CHAMELEON in The New York Times Book Review, declaring that there’s “something very appealing about Kathleen Stone, a quick-change artist who can slip into the persona of Katie, Kat, Kitty, Kathy, Kate, Katya — or her personal favorite, 15-year-old Keith — at the drop of a hat or, more likely, the switch of a wig. The hairpieces are an original touch and smartly supported by Kathleen’s close relationships with her Brighton Beach wigmaker, a cranky Russian artiste named Vondya Vasiliev.” Stasio concludes that this “new P.I. has got a smart mouth on her, and plenty of wigs to help her find her own true character.”


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