WaPo and SF Chronicle on Coronado

The Washington Post says of Dennis Lehane’s CORONADO, “The raw, surprising tales of passion and violence in Dennis Lehane’s new collection remind us anew why he is one of the most interesting young writers in America today.” The reviewer advises, “If you’ve never read Lehane, you probably should start with ‘Mystic River,’ [which he calls “one of the best American novels of this young century”] but if you’re already a fan, you’ll savor this new glimpse into one of the most unpredictable minds in current American fiction.”

The San Francisco Chronicle calls CORONADO an assured, technically impressive and largely compelling collection,” that “certainly affirms Lehane’s versatility, even virtuosity.” The reviewer also says that Lehane “writes like an angel crunched for time.” Dennis might be an angel, but his characters sure aren’t!


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