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This week, People raves about Adam Fawer’s IMPROBABLE, giving it 3 1/2 stars (out of 4):

In Fawer’s thrill-inducing debut, gambling addict David Caine tries to raise cash by signing on to take an experimental pill that might control his epileptic seizures. The drug has a side effect: Caine starts seeing the future. The government, a crazy scientist and North Korean spies will do anything to control his power so it’s up to an unlikely trio to keep Caine alive: his schizophrenic twin brother; a deadly rogue CIA agent; and Doc, Caine’s old college adviser. Fawer occasionally slows his story with lengthy explanations of poker, physics and probability theory. But the tale’s end, you’ll be pondering the true causes of schizophrenia and marveling at how much a single action can change a life. IMPROBABLE is a thriller can bet the house on.

Congratulations, Adam!


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