WOLFPACK C.J. Box’s nineteenth Joe Pickett adventure is out now! Read on for reviews and more:

WOLF PACK sees Joe Pickett teaming up with Katelyn Hamm, a female game warden based on one of Wyoming’s few real-life woman wardens, to discover who’s behind a series of drone killings. CrimeReads interviews C.J. Box here about the environmental and technological issues that face the American West and inspire his books:

“I start each book with a contemporary theme or controversy and add elements that propel the story. Often, several storylines interest me at once and I try to figure out how to weave them into the novel. I love doing research on topics that interest me and connections seem to get made while I do that.”

And The Real Book Spy’s “Five Questions” feature delves into the challenges and rewards of keeping a long-running series surprising and fresh:

Wolf Pack had the feel to me from the first pages as a kind of watershed book where Joe Pickett’s life would be shaken up. I think that’s a good thing to happen in a series so readers will never know who will make it and who won’t…I never think past the book I’m writing when I’m writing it. I think readers can sense it when an author is holding things back for future books down the road.

Reviewers are full of praise for Box’s latest:

– Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, calls the final showdown one of “…Joe and Nate’s best and bloodiest confrontations. Box is the king of contemporary crime fiction set in the West.”

Kirkus says it’s “one of his most tightly wound tales, with more thrills than a snowy road on a steep mountain and more authority than the governor of Wyoming.”

– The Providence Journal declares, “This 19th postmodern Western to present Pickett as a lawman cut from the classic cloth is a thriller of rare depth and emotion, featuring pitch perfect plotting and characterizations every bit the equal of Cormac McCarthy and Larry McMurtry.”

– Booklist praises WOLF PACK’s combination of fan favorite characters and new threats: “As always, Box takes familiar elements of his long-running series—the upstanding Joe, the renegade Nate, a daughter in danger (this time it’s Lucy), and a threat from outside—and seamlessly combines them into a read that makes your heart race, even though you won’t leave the couch until you’ve turned the last page. Half mystery, half thriller, totally worthwhile.”


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