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Doug Magee

Doug Magee is a writer, photographer and filmmaker living in New York's East Harlem. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Union Theological Seminary.

He is the author of Slow Coming Dark, a book of interviews with death row inmates, and What Murder Leaves Behind, profiles of families of murder victims. In addition he has written three children's books. His films include the HBO movie Somebody Has To Shoot The Picture and the Showtime movie Beyond The Call.

He is married to Mary Hedahl, the director of development at the New York Civil Liberties. The eldest of his three sons, Tim Magee, is married to Julie Tant Magee and they are the parents of William and Natalie. Joey Magee is a senior at Beacon High School. Jackson Magee is a sophmore at Bard High School Early College. All three sons are left handed.

Doug is passionately opposed to state-sanctioned killing and hopes to see the demise of this archaic punishment in his lifetime.

He has been a Yankees fan his entire life and doesn't plan to change any time soon.

He plays softball with the Writer's Guild of America East team and trombone with the East River Jazz Band, both badly.


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