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Vidar Sundstøl

Vidar Sundstøl grew up in Drangedal, in the Telemark region of Norway. In the past he has done many types of manual labor, including forestry work and road construction. He has also deliberately spent lengthy periods of time without steady employment, providing him with experiences that he considers especially important. He is not college-educated, but he attended the Writer’s School in Bø, Norway, in 1987. He has previously lived in both Egypt and the United States.

When Sundstøl made his literary debut in 2005 at the age of 41, he had been writing for several years, with the intention of becoming a published author. At that time life had taken him to Minnesota, where he lived with his American wife.

Sundstøl’s first novel, Kommandolinjer (Command Lines) from 2005, was written partly in Norway and partly in Alexandria, Egypt. His second book, I Alexandria (In Alexandria), published in 2006, was written entirely in the small town of Two Harbors, Minnesota. His third novel Tingene hennes (Her Things) from 2007, was written partly in Minnesota and partly in Norway, after the author moved back to his native country with his wife.

Today Vidar Sundstøl is a full-time writer. He lives in Bø in Telemark, Norway.

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