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Other Books by Vidar Sundstøl

Only the Dead

Author: Vidar Sundstøl
It’s November, four months after the events that took place in the first book.  Lance Hansen’s former father-in-law, the old Indian Willy Dupree, tells a ghost story about the medicine man Swamper Caribou and his brother Joe. Before long the ghost story begins to seem more and more like a premonition about what might happen between Lance and his brother Andy. The next day, while deer hunting with his brother, Lance reveals his suspicion that it was in fact Andy who killed the Norwegian tourist.  The hunt suddenly turns into a deadly game, as the two brothers try to outsmart each other — and in the long run, to survive. In a parallel story we follow the fifteen-year-old Thormod Olson through the very same landscape, on a night in March 1892.  Here we witness the dramatic circumstances culminating in the murder of Swamper Caribou. The Dead is a psychological thriller, a haunting tale with a strong undercurrent of mystery and suspense.  As the novel ends both brothers are still alive, but in many ways Lance finds himself closer to the dead than to the living.
Only the Dead
Kirkus Reviews (starred): The second in the Minnesota Trilogy, this slim volume is so exquisitely written, lyrically descriptive and mystically mysterious it could stand on its own, but to understand all the nuances it's best read as part of the trilogy.   Publishers Weekly: Like the central movement of a dark Grieg symphony, this brief second installment of Norwegian author Sundstøl's Minnesota Trilogy resounds with two stunning variations on a single theme: the complex motivations behind murders that link brotherhood, love, and death. Readers will eagerly await The Ravens, the trilogy's conclusion.   Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Though this book is short, it's packed with strangeness. The rule of silence, once broken, lets all kinds of weird things bubble up. I'm very curious to find out what will happen in the third book of the trilogy.