The Shape of Poetry: A Practical Guide to Writing Poetry

Author: Peter Meinke

Focusing on the foundations of poetry, this reference teaches aspiring poets the mechanics of writing verse. Offering advice on the abstract poetic notions -- what makes good poetry, the meaning and inspirations of poetry -- and the concrete -- how to start a poem, how to craft its shape, and how to use the various poetic forms -- this concise and insightful book provides inspiring and practical instruction. Including the author's own poems for guidance, this revised edition also discusses the direction of post-millennium, contemporary poetry.


The Shape Of Poetry: A Practical Guide To Writing Poetry

The Tampa Tribune:

This book is so unpretentiously written, so clear in its purpose and so generously illustrated with poetic selections that it is a delight to read. Anyone poetic or not can learn effortlessly in the hands of this gifted teacher and poet.