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Author: Kathleen George

Kathleen George has declared Pittsburgh her turf with her phenomenal police procedural series, including The Odds, which was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Novel. In her riveting new book, a beautiful, talented law student, Cassie Price, has been murdered, and the police arrest Cal, a handyman who works in her neighborhood. Soon suspicion turns to her boss, a golden boy about to run for governor. With fantastic series characters and a stunning mystery, Kathleen George further proves herself to be a master of the police procedural.

Simple (Richard Christie, #6)

Booklist (starred review):

The case seems simple from the start. When Cassie Price is strangled in her home, handyman Cal Hathaway, who found the body, soon confesses to the crime. But as the reader knows from early on, Cassie, a beautiful and promising paralegal about to enter law school, was having an affair with her law firm boss, married gubernatorial candidate and golden boy Mike Connolly, whose handlers considered Cassie "unreliable." Pittsburgh PD Homicide Unit Commander Richard Christie, a self-confessed meddler, is troubled by the confession obtained (and soon recanted) after hours of questioning from a man who suffers from brain damage and blackouts, the results of a childhood beating. So the investigation starts anew, led by Christie; his partner, Artie Dolan, and the team of Colleen Greer and John Potocki, whose ever-closer personal relationship is leading to their professional breakup. What most distinguishes this police procedural, the sixth in its series, after Hideout (2011), is its fully realized cast of characters, a close-knit group of detectives who deal with shades of gray in crime-solving. George's deft prose, skillful plotting, and winning characters are reminiscent of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct series, and her fiction is almost as praiseworthy.


Kirkus Reviews (starred review):

George's all-too-familiar story is so richly observed, subtly characterized, precisely written -- her syncopated paragraphs are a special delight -- and successful in its avoidance of genre clichés that you’d swear you were reading the first police procedural ever written.


Shelf Awareness (starred review):

Kathleen George's Pittsburgh police procedurals are among the best in the genre, and Simple, sixth in the series, is no exception...Complex, indelible characters enrich a solid police procedural, the sixth in George's excellent series.


Theresa Schwegel, author of Last Known Address:

Captures both the intricacy of police work and the incalculable velocity of a desperate crime. Her cops cover new territory, both in story and scope.