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Other Books by Paul Doiron

The Precipice

Author: Paul Doiron
The sixth Mike Bowditch novel investigates the deaths of two women hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
The Precipice: A Novel
Booklist (starred review):

This is one of the finest entries in a uniformly strong series that has quietly taken its place among the very best outdoors-based crime dramas.

Publishers Weekly (starred review):

Doiron brings his gift for making the Maine woods live and breathe to a taut whodunit in his stellar sixth novel featuring game warden Mike Bowditch. Multidimensional characters and a high level of suspense help make this a winner.

The Portland Press Herald:

Doiron manages to mix dark elements of trail history with a seismic social issue that divides the nation. “The Precipice” is a fast and satisfying read, end to end.

The Globe and Mail:

Can a mystery with a Maine game warden as detective really stand up to the likes of Michael Connelly or T. Jefferson Parker? If the author is Paul Doiron and the game warden is Mike Bowditch, the answer is yes, with an exclamation point! It helps the plot that Maine game wardens have all the responsibilities and rights of regular police so the investigation has everything from forensics to pure nature lore and that lifts this hunt way above regular cop-shop tales. Doiron loves his native state and that comes through in his wonderful use of the parks and rivers, along with his elegant spare prose. He’s been nominated for an Edgar and an Anthony for other books in this series. He ought to win for this one.

The Toronto Star:

Doiron takes his time in building the suspense in his narrative about evil deeds in the Maine wilderness, but his storytelling is controlled and always enthralling. 

Romantic Times:

Doiron’s series keeps getting better and better with each book, and his latest is no exception. This will keep readers guessing — and biting their nails — right until the end. New readers can jump into the series here just fine, but be warned: You’ll be compelled to read the rest.

Gumshoe Review:

The Precipice is the most disturbing, most nerve-wracking of all of Paul Doiron's Mike Bowditch novels. The disappearance of Samantha and Missy is just one of several intertwining plots that are extremely fascinating. Paul Doiron describes an exciting and beautiful, but dangerous, world that makes me want to grab my boots and commence of those extremely gifted writers who can blend timely, real-life news stories with a unique setting and interesting, realistic characters.