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It Is Not Night

Author: Melissa Scott Sinclair

Purgatory’s no place to raise a toddler.

In IT IS NOT NIGHT, Melissa Scott Sinclair weaves a spellbinding tale of love, karma, and what happens when your secrets pursue you even after you’re dead.

Laurel Randolph and her eighteen-month-old daughter, whom she calls B, were killed in a car wreck and now haunt Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. When a young couple moves into an apartment on the edge of Hollywood, Laurel feels strangely fascinated by them – especially the girl, Trish, whom she comes to believe is the key to the fatal accident that sent Laurel and B to purgatory and the secrets that keep them there. But when Laurel musters her ghostly powers to reach into the world of the living, she discovers that she’ll need all her strength to confront the traumas of her life before Hollywood – and the truth about what really happened the day she died.

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