Purple Flat Top: In Pursuit of a Place

Author: Jack Nisbet

Stretching from northeastern Washington to western Montana, the Inland Northwest is a land of high plateaus and deep river valleys, In sixteen carefully crafted narratives, award-winning author Jack Nisbet illuminates this region through stories about the resourceful, resilient individuals who inhabit it and the natural history that defines it.

Purple Flat Top: In Pursuit of a Place


A keen observer of humankind's idiosyncrasies as well as the everyday phenomenon of the natural world, Nisbet directs his contemplative musings on an inland area of the Northwest defined as spanning northeastern Washington and the western region of Montana. At once wry and compassionate, these crisply written vignettes impart a spirited, substantial nourishment as they describe a particular American landscape.


Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

PURPLE FLAT TOP is a book built on patient listening and careful observation. [Nisbet] appreciates the natural world, but never pictures the locals as galoots out to ruin it. This is ideal stuff of summer reading, a learning experience made warm and enjoyable.