Even More Given Day News

More reviews of Dennis Lehane’s latest are in!

The New Yorker says, “He brings vividly to life the struggles that the working classes faced in pursuit of decent working conditions and a fair wage.”

The Seattle Post chimes in by declaring that “there is no need to hold one’s breath about whether Lehane’s surprising leap will succeed. Early rave reviews of ‘The Given Day’ have decreed this is one of the biggest books of fall, with gripping storytelling and a fascinating glimpse of a long-forgotten tumult.”

The Rocky Mountain News asserts:

The novel is an admirable stride forward for Lehane, who acknowledges that such radical social change is never easy and yet casts a cynical eye toward a government that would manipulate society for its own purposes. It’s a complex view that recognizes that the world dragged forward is never the same as the one left behind. Here’s hoping the novelist’s own march towards progress continues unabated.

Oh, and we alomost forgot to mention that THE GIVEN DAY is #6 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list!


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