The Given Day Hits Bestseller Lists Across The Nation!

It’s #7 on the San Francisco Chronicle’s list, #6 on the Washington Post’s list, #2 at the Denver Post…and #1 over at the Boston Globe!

The praise also continues to pour in from around the country.
The Chicago Tribune says the “prologue is as fine a piece of writing as you are liable to come across this year, or maybe the next several, and it is also a great curtain-raiser for the latest work from a writer who is becoming, book by book, the foremost chronicler of social class in America.”
The Oregonian says, “Dennis Lehane’s ‘The Given Day’ is a terrific book, a historical novel that covers events both well-known (the Boston police strike of 1919, the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees) and long-forgotten (the molasses explosion that killed 21 people in Boston, the early career of J. Edgar Hoover).”
Finally, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls the novel “a triumph of the fictional imagination.”
If you want to read more about the book, you can read the New York Daily News’ interview with Mr. Lehane here.

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