Idiot Speaks French, Wins Award

Lots of exciting things are happening right now to a certain idiot in Montreal! (We’re referring to the protagonist of YOU COMMA IDIOT, of course, not its author, Doug Harris!)

Read all about it after the jump!

First of all, we’re proud to tell you that the trailer that Doug produced for YOU COMMA IDIOT won Quiddity’s book trailer contest! (You can view it here.)

We’re also pleased to tell you that Groupe Librex’s Stanké imprint recently released the French edition of the book, titled T’es con, point(Get a load of that striking cover above!) Click here to watch Doug discuss the book with RDI on Radio-Canada.

For those of you who don’t speak French but are too cheap to buy hardcovers, don’t worry, Goose Lane Editions will be releasing the book in paperback on the 17th!

To see if all of this recent attention is going to Doug’s head, check out his fantastic interview with Bill Brownstein in the Montreal Gazette. (Hint: it’s not. He’s just as nice as ever.)



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