Kathleen McCleary Shares Her Secrets

We’re pleased to tell you about several recent interviews with the always charming Kathleen McCleary. Read all about ’em after the jump!

First, Examiner.com speaks with Kathy about A SIMPLE THING, which they call “an intricate and moving novel that will instill readers with hope, courage, and faith.” Find out her secret for a great story here

Over on Sinister Girlz, Kathy dispenses one very valuable piece of writing advice: Don’t worry about writing what you know; write what you love! Read the interview here

You can also listen to her fabulous radio interview with Book Club Girl here

Kathy shares with Moments of Exhilaration the real-life inspiration behind the character in her book who has lived on a remote island in the San Juans for over 30 years. Get the scoop here


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