More News And Reviews For Bad Little Falls

We’re excited to share some terrific new reviews for BAD LITTLE FALLS and some highly entertaining interviews with its author, Paul Doiron, after the jump!


Shelf Awareness calls the novel “chilling in multiple ways.” “Filled with frigid winter scenes, dark deeds and tightly constructed character dynamics, Bad Little Falls sees Mike struggling to choose between desire and his better judgment in a labyrinth of dark small-town secrets. The ease with which readers will relate to this headstrong sleuth may prove an even bigger draw than the high stakes of the plot.”

The Kennebec Journal says, “Following The Poacher’s Son and Trespasser, this mystery is even better than the first two, which says a lot about Doiron’s exceptional ability to hold readers’ interest with compelling plots and enduring characters. Best, however, is Doiron’s keen talent for creating a palpable atmosphere, capturing the Maine winter in all its bitter-cold and snow-covered landscape, as well as the poverty, violence and despair of a Maine county too easily ignored.”

The Maine Sunday Telegram praises the book’s “superbly crafted intrigue” and promises it will “keep you guessing to its perilous end.”

In a guest column at Dear Reader, Paul describes the lovely bedtime ritual he shares with his wife. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

In a television interview with WCSH 6 show 207,  Paul talks about how the job of game warden is misunderstood and how a new reality show actually gets it right. 

He chats with fellow author Jen Blood about his favorite contemporary writers and the three things he would want to have on a deserted island.

Lastly, Paul shares his thoughts with Outdoorsa new publication from the Bangor Daily News, about writing and getting struck by lightning — metaphorically and literally!   



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