Simply Marvelous

Kathleen McCleary’s blog tour is wrapping up, and we’re thrilled that A SIMPLE THING received rave reviews all around! See what the bloggers had to say after the jump.

A Simple Thing did not disappoint,” says Chaotic Compendiums. “A good read with issues of anxiety, mourning, death, learning to trust, marriages ending or renewing, a new awareness of self threaded throughout. Highly recommended.”

Mommy Uncensored says, “It really puts your own thoughts in parenthood into perspective and the limits you’re willing to go to protect your family. This was a great book.”

Book Worm raves, “This was a 5 star book. The characters drew me in, and taught me a great deal in the process. The book is beautifully written and deals with loss, guilt, forgiveness while raising children and trying to hold on to a marriage. When I came to the end, I was left wanting more. Really, wanting more!”

“I read the book in about a 24-hour period, thanks to some free time during a visit to my parents’ house with the kids — but also because it’s a very readable, engaging story,” says my convertible life

“I think this is a great book for women to read to hear how different relationships and struggles can impact a lifetime,” declares Kritters Ramblings. “Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel”

“Ms. McCleary is a master painter of words,” proclaims Motherfog. “She interweaves the stories of her two protagonists (a generation apart) seamlessly.  Flip-flopping back and forth across the decades, we travel right along with them as they journey through self discovery, healing and forgiveness.”

While we’re really excited to see all of these readers saying such nice things about the book, this review from being5 is worth a thousand words. 


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