New Reviews for Kuh

Critic’s are still loving MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MODERN ART. This weekend, The Economist, The Boston Globe and Newsday all praised Kuh’s memoir.

Newsday calls Kuh’s collection of essays “a thoughtful guide to the groundbreaking art she nurtured,” allowing 21st century readers “to profit from her intimate understanding of the 20th century art and artists she supported so ardently and observed so intelligently.”

The Economist finds Kuh’s tales of her friendships with artists moving, but says that her description of Mark Rothko’s troubled genius is particularly poignant:

According to Kuh, Rothko claimed an artistic kinship with Rembrandt, believing that they both sought what he called “a maximum of poignancy”. On the surface it is difficult to imagine two more different painters, but both poured their lives into their art and had the rare ability to connect to the human spirit. Katharine Kuh believed this was the key to great art. Luckily, she devoted her life to sharing it with others.

The Globe says the work is “a mesmerizing portrait of the genius behind the geniuses” and “exhilarating,” saying “this book does what Kuh always wanted art to do — it opens your eyes.”

You can read the entire reviews here.


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