Yet More Praise for Kuh

The Chicago Tribune loved MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH MODERN ART so much they decided to devote almost a full page of the Sunday Books section to the fascinating life of Katharine Kuh.

The reviewer calls the book “eye-opening and engaging,” praising Kuh’s “uncanny ability to concisely portray artists in all their emotional contrariness and creative fervor in finely crafted essays that are at once delectably anecdotal and keenly analytical.”

If you haven’t bought a copy for your favorite art lover yet, perhaps these closing remarks will persuade you:

In sum, Kuh’s witty and reflective reminiscences preserve invaluable chapters in the complex and resonant story of modern art. And how ennobling it is to spend time with a woman of resilience and vision, a writer of clarity and ardor, and an avid and knowledgeable art advocate dedicated to making art an integral part of our lives.”


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