OK, This Is Getting Ridiculous

The Poacher's Son by Paul DoironRidiculously awesome, that is! Forgive us for bragging, but we’re very excited to tell you that THE POACHER’S SON has been nominated for its eighth award! Deadly Ink has nominated Paul Doiron’s debut for a David Award for Best Mystery!

In other exciting Doiron news, Indie Bound chose TRESPASSER, the forthcoming follow-up to THE POACHER’S SON, for their July 2011 Indie Next List, with a quote from bookseller Vicki Erwin of Main Street Books in Missouri declaring, “Doiron is an author to watch!”

More praise for TRESPASSER after the jump!

Mysterious Reviews says:

The murder mystery in Trespasser is nicely crafted, and the Maine setting during “mud season” adds an atmospheric backdrop to the narrative, but these are not this novel’s strongest selling points. Rather, it is all about character here, and this is one terrific series character. Doiron does a fine job of capturing the impetuousness of youth and the lack of wisdom from experience in Mike Bowditch. He’s aggressive in his actions and confident in his abilities … even when one hand is broken and unusable. Yet he also makes one rash, often ill-advised decision after another, knowing full well that it might not be the right step to take. In a less well-developed character, this might come off as unrealistic, even unbelievable. Here, it seems natural, just Bowditch being Bowditch. This is a strong character, one perfectly suited for his job as game warden of a vast, relatively remote coastal region in Maine, and one that lifts Trespasser into the top tier of murder mysteries published this summer.

GA Book Guy’s book review email list also praised the book, calling it “a very well told story that is a perfect follow-up to his first book” and “an unusual look at the State of Maine and its inhabitants.”


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