Reviewer Says Dragon Chica Succeeds at Every Level

Walter Mason, Australian author of Destination Saigon and a man of obvious good taste, recently posted a rave review of May-lee Chai’s DRAGON CHICA on his blog! He calls it “a beautifully nuanced work of enormous appeal.” He goes on to say, “Dragon Chica is a beautifully written, clever and perfectly crafted novel, one that succeeds at every level without ever falling into the embarrassing and cringe-making didacticism that can frequently plague the ‘issues’ novel, particularly one directed at young people. Chai speaks perfectly to her young readers, trusting in their intelligence, their sensitivity and their great desire for subtlety.”

After saying many, many more nice things, Mason concludes by declaring, “I adored this book, and would recommend it to any young person, particularly those with an interest in Asia and the Asian immigrant experience. May-lee Chai deserves to be better known in Australia, and Dragon Chica is the kind of book that almost any young Australian could indentify with.” We couldn’t agree more!


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