WPSDavid Welky’s A WRETCHED AND PRECARIOUS SITUATION is out today, and it’s garnered yet another starred review, this time from Publishers Weekly. Read on below:

Publishers Weekly calls WRETCHED “an exciting adventure saga,” adding, “Welky’s absorbing narrative highlights the perils of polar travel…it’s also a vivid account of the culture clash between grandiose Americans and the pragmatic Inuit communities they relied on for survival, and an absorbing study of how humans warp under pressure. This is a classic explorer’s narrative, pitting ambition against the limits of endurance.”

WRETCHED’s also won attention from The History Bomb, a history podcast dedicated to “telling you all about the fun, awesome, cool, or just downright damn interesting things your teachers missed out on.” Host Steve Ewin raves: “David Welky does a bang-up job in this book…it is gloriously detailed, it is an engaging read…check this one out if you like action, adventure, mystery…anyone who says history is boring: go check this book out.”

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