Advance Praise for WRETCHED

WPSDavid Welky’s polar epic A WRETCHED AND PRECARIOUS SITUATION is on shelves next week, and it’s already received raves from reviewers and booksellers alike! Read on below:

Kirkus calls WRETCHED “long, leisurely, and vastly entertaining,” and declares, “the author conjures a romantic quest emblematic of the rugged manliness of the time…telling his story in vivid scenes rendered in wonderfully sharp declarative sentences, Welky offers a vibrant portrait of the young adventurers, their loyal Inuit helpers, and the ever present dangers of a forbidding place where, as leader MacMillan said, ‘the evil spirit of the Arctic is always watching.'”

Booklist agrees: “For reasons that polar epics always attract readers—the hero confronting nature, the pitiless extremities of that nature, and the psychological warping polar regions seem to induce—Welky’s well-judged and well-written revival of this obscure expedition augurs to be as popular as any in the polar-exploration genre.”

Library Journal concludes, “This book fills in a significant and often overlooked piece of the Arctic exploration puzzle. Arctic enthusiasts, armchair adventurers, and dreamers of lost worlds will find much to appreciate.”

To capture those armchair adventurers’ attention, Longitude Books has named WRETCHED one of their top travel books for fall. WRETCHED’s also won favor with nonfiction maven Katie at Doing Dewey – it’s one of her November picks. And finally, lest you be concerned that Arctic tales don’t play well in sunnier climes, WRETCHED is a winter pick at the venerable Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Stay tuned for more updates, and find A WRETCHED AND PRECARIOUS SITUATION on shelves November 1st!



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