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Originally published by Warner Books in 1985


France: Presses de la Cite

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Death Dreams

Author: William Katz

Crista's first marriage ends with the tragedy of her husband's death. The marriage produced one child, Jennie. Now Crista is married to George Spalding, and her life, centered on Jennie, is back on track, until….

…a pounding on her door, a screaming neighbor. Jennie is floating in a nearby lake. Dead.

Crista again is plunged into grief. How could this have happened? Only one person knows…Jennie.

Then, the strangeness starts. Bizarre events, as Crista is brought into the world between life and death. With the help of an eccentric, discredited psychiatrist, a Dr. Neuberger, Crista meets Jennie in the white light beyond, and Jennie tells her exactly how she died.

What Jennie reveals will transfix a nation. But those who administer justice are not convinced.

It is Jennie, from beyond the grave, who will exact revenge, and bring final comfort to her grieving mother.

Death Dreams

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