Author: C.J. Box

She was gone. Joe Pickett had good reason to dislike Dallas Cates, even if he was a rodeo champion, and now he has even more—Joe's eighteen-year-old ward, April, has run off with him.

And then comes even worse news: The body of a girl has been found in a ditch along the highway—alive, but just barely, the victim of blunt force trauma. It is April, and the doctors aren't sure if she'll recover. Cates denies having anything to do with it—says she ran away from him, too—and there's evidence that points to another man. But Joe knows in his gut who's responsible. What he doesn’t know is the kind of danger he's about to encounter. Cates is bad enough, but Cates's family is like none Joe has ever met before.

Joe's going to find out the truth, even if it kills him. But this time, it just might.

Endangered (Joe Pickett, #15)

Library Journal

Series fans will love this thriller. The nonstop action, intermingling plotlines, and the return of familiar characters all mesh into a breathless, roller-coaster ride of sheer suspense and entertainment.


One of Joe's best.


The carefully constructed plot [builds] to a breathless, thrilling end.


Box consistently combines plot and character development with near-poetic setting descriptions to present what is one of the best ongoing series in any genre. ENDANGERED is the latest example of this.

In some ways, ENDANGERED pushes the reset button on the Pickett series. Box has not been afraid to advance the lives of his characters in the past, and by the end of this book, it is obvious that he can move the storyline in a number of different and interesting directions. The good news is that it appears we can look forward to new Pickett novels for some time to come; the only downside is that we may have to wait a year or so for the next one. Until then, though, we have ENDANGERED, one of the best entries in the series to date.

Suspense Magazine

As always with C.J. Box, this is an incredible tale that delves into government lies and their gift of pointing the blame at someone other than themselves. Just try and read this in one sitting, because you won’t want to put it down for a minute.

Lansing State Journal

The reader is put in the enviable position of not wanting to do anything else but continue reading, trying to figure out how Pickett’s going to solve this one.

Box is one of America’s best crime novelists and certainly doesn’t disappoint his readers. Newcomers can enjoy “Endangered” as a stand-alone novel while long-time fans who have watched the Pickett saga develop are also destined to be pleased.

The Record Searchlight

When a reader picks up a C.J. Box novel featuring game warden Joe Pickett, it ruins an entire day. Dishes don’t get washed, clothes don’t get laundered and floors don’t get swept. Award-winning author Box has, yet again, hit the ball far into the outfield. The last 50 pages are impossible to put down. Guns, grouse, guys and gals, and a favorite non-human character, Joe’s dog, Daisy. Box knows his animals as well as he knows human nature. This is another winner for him. But warn your family. They may be on their own for dinner.