Shadows Reel

Author: C.J. Box

A day before the three Pickett girls come home for Thanksgiving, Marybeth Pickett finds an unmarked package at the front door of the library where she works. When she opens the package she finds a photo album that belonged to an infamous Nazi official. Who left it there? And why did they leave it with her?

She learns that during World War II several Wyoming soldiers were in the group that fought to Hitler’s Eagles Nest retreat in the Alps—and one of them took Hitler’s personal photo album. Did another take this one and keep it all these years? When she finds the name of a deceased local man who was likely in the unit, Joe visits the man’s son—only to find him brutally tortured and murdered. Someone is after the photo album—but why? And when a close neighbor is murdered, Joe and Marybeth face a new question: How will they figure out the book’s mystery before someone hurts them…or their girls?

Meanwhile, Nate Romanowski is on the hunt for a younger and more ruthless version of himself—the man who stole Nate’s falcons and attacked his wife. Using a network of fellow falconers, Nate tracks the man from one city to another, learning that his target is an agitator and a financier of anarchists. Even as he grasps the true threat his quarry presents, Nate swoops in for the kill—and a stunning final showdown.

Shadows Reel (Joe Pickett #22)


Suspenseful...C. J. Box imparts an eerie intrigue throughout this haunting novel...His western lore is authentic, his characters are memorable, and his plots keep you turning pages way past your sleepless bedtime.


Box expertly maneuvers readers through two entirely different stories in this twenty-second entry in the immensely popular series.

Criminal Element:

This entry is one of the author’s strongest. The fact that the public, and the publisher, have stuck with the series for so long tells you a lot about Box’s craft. He is a master of forming characters readers care about, and he is among the best at creating situations that are exciting, while still being believable. Box’s tempo and plot development are amongst the best I’ve ever read. He keeps the pages turning quickly, while still ensuring the reader is engaged with the characters.

Kirkus Reviews:

Joe’s 22nd adventure continues to give good value. Old-school Nazis, newfangled terrorists, Big Sky country—it’s all here.

Publishers Weekly:

Series fans will hope to see more of a promising new character, rough-hewn falconer Geronimo Jones...Box resolves the murder case and the hunt for the Nazi photo album with his usual panache.

Deadly Pleasures:, C. J. Box has served up three good stories for the price of one. What a bargain – and what a good reading experience as well.

The Providence Sunday Journal:

SHADOWS REEL is Box's most ambitious, sprawling, intricately plotted novel yet, taking him onto the hallowed ground of James Lee Burke. A brilliant exercise in form and function.