Dark Sky

Author: C.J. Box
The governor of Wyoming gives Joe the thankless assignment of taking a tech baron on a hunting trip. Unbeknownst to them, as they trek further into the wilderness, a hunter is hot on their heels. Joe must rely on his wits and his knowledge of the outdoors to protect himself and his charge. Meanwhile, when Joe's closest friend Nate Romanowski and his own daughter Sheridan learn of the threat to his life, they follow him into the woods to rescue him, and all three come together for one final showdown.
Dark Sky

The Associated Press:

A suspenseful, action-packed yarn set in the vividly described wilderness around Battle Mountain.

The Washington Post:

Pickett No. 21 is both wry and exciting, with an apparent cliffhanger ending anticipating an equally gripping No. 22.

Publishers Weekly:

Another page-turner for Box, who writes lyrically about big sky country.


A strong entry in this long-running and wildly popular series. Box's novels have been translated into 27 languages and regularly appear on best-seller lists, a testament to the strength of his writing and the popularity of the melding of western and crime genres.

The Providence Journal:

It’s hard to come up with new superlatives to describe C.J. Box. But his latest, “Dark Sky," demands the attempt...a pure, modern-day Western of the highest order...the moral complexities and portrayal of the New West in “Dark Sky” evoke comparisons with the classic John Wayne film “The Searchers.” Box’s sparse and pragmatic prose is the perfect complement to the wilderness vistas Pickett knows like the back of his hand. This is terrific reading entertainment, as riveting as it is relentless.

The Durango Herald:

Box has created a remarkable and suspenseful story. The characters are multilayered and familiar. Wyoming in itself is a real character in the action...a great read.

The Lansing State Journal:

...Laced with gritty violence and rising tension. It's another masterful performance by one of America's best crime novelists.


...As the plot moves into high gear, and as the cat and mouse game hopscotches about the (as always) beautifully rendered Wyoming woodland, you...inevitably find yourself tearing through the pages...CJ Box’ ongoing Joe Pickett series remains one of our annual pleasures.