Trophy Hunt

Author: C.J. Box

Local authorities are quick to label a rash of animal mutilations the work of a grizzly bear, but Joe Pickett suspects that something far more sinister is afoot. And when the bodies of two men are found disfigured in the same way, his worst fears are confirmed: a modern-day Jack the Ripper is on the loose --  and the killings have just begun.

Trophy Hunt (Joe Pickett, #4)

Publishers Weekly (starred review):

Riveting...disturbing...With its credible and sensitively drawn characters, loads of interesting tidbits about the natural world and timely plot, this skillfully crafted page-turner should have wide appeal...



The events at the center of Box's fourth novel featuring game warden Joe Pickett make the fate of the Donner Party look like a square dance...Box vividly evokes life in the West, and the surprises he springs keep you guessing right to the end -- and a little beyond.



Superb...this has all the elements that made the first three Picketts so pleasurable...excellent


Philadelphia Inquirer:

Rough and tumble...unflinching...Pickett's sweet-natured relationship with Sheridan and Lucy is central in all the stories...the book keeps the reader guessing until the end...His style is down-to-earth and commercially appealing, sometimes hard-nosed and sometimes sentimental, with a Western locale that sets it apart...


Rocky Mountain News:

Box, who has quickly become one of the writers whose books I look forward to every year, continues his run of excellence in Trophy Hunt.