Three-Inch Teeth

Author: C.J. Box
A rogue grizzly bear has gone on a rampage—killing, among others, the fiancee of Joe’s daughter. At the same time, Dallas Cates, who Joe helped lock up years ago, is released from prison with a list of six names tattooed on his skin. He wants revenge on the people who sent him away: the people he blames for the deaths of his entire family and the loss of his reputation and property. Targeted are a judge, the county prosecutor, his lawyer, a prison guard—and both Nate Romanowski and Joe Pickett. Using the grizzly attacks as cover, Cates devises a method of violence identical to the bear killings and sets out to methodically check off his list.
Treasure State (Highway #6)

The Real Book Spy:

"Daring, bold, and impossible to put down, Three-Inch Teeth is a masterfully spun mystery, and C.J. Box proves yet again that nothing is off-limits and nobody is safe as he dials up a nerve-wracking, heart-thumping final act that leads to his most jaw-dropping and shocking ending to date."

Kirkus Reviews:

"Franchise fans will appreciate new details about Joe’s complicated family, the obligatory high-country landscapes, and yet another corrupt law enforcer. A tale that’s hard to believe but easy to swallow in a single gulp.