Storm Watch

Author: C.J. Box
Storm Watch (Joe Pickett #23)

Publisher's Weekly (starred review): 

Box is writing at the top of his game.

Kirkus reviews (starred review):

Like a patient spider, Box plays out plotline after plotline, balancing his sympathies adroitly between anti-establishment libertarians who’ve had enough of the coastal elites and officers sworn to serve and protect their communities, before knotting them all together with a climactic revelation that for better or worse will leave you gasping. One of the most successful of Box’s increasingly ambitious have-it-all thrillers.

Book Trib:

Every time I think Box has hit his peak, he goes higher and Storm Watch serves as the embodiment of that reality. Twenty-three books in, this series shows no sign of slowing, even as the TV version has just been reupped by Paramount+ for a second season. As much fun as a book can be.


C.J. Box has a stellar reputation as a mystery/thriller writer. His characters are well-limned, his plot lines intersect flawlessly, and he expertly brings his various stories to a clear and shocking conclusion. Fans and newcomers alike will not be disappointed with STORM WATCH.

Bookpage (starred review):

C.J. Box’s latest Joe Pickett mystery is the most intricately plotted and fully realized installment in the series so far.


This very tense twenty-third entry in Box's legendary Series… keeps timely, introducing crypto mining, gun control, and political extremism into the plot. The sparkling dialogue and rich characterizations again testify to Box's storytelling prowess.

The Real Book Spy (featured review):

C.J. Box shows yet again why he’s one of the best storytellers alive today with Storm Watch, a riveting new adventure that features one of his best twists and most shocking endings yet. Trust me, whatever you do, do not miss this book.

John Sanford (Rules of Prey) says:

He can’t shoot, wrecks his trucks, annoys his bosses, but Joe Pickett is the one man you’d want by your side in a crisis.